How does CXG collect rent?

Tenants pay their rent on a monthly basis, paying the first months rent on the day they move in and monthly thereafter on the tenancy anniversary date. This is paid in to our audited and protected client bank account to begin processing before it is paid out the you. We offer a choice of payment options to Landlords:

- Sole Property - we will pay out within a maximum of six working days into your account,

- Multiple Properties - we make one payment per month encompassing all of your properties

When we pay your rent, we will send you a statement breakdown, accompanied by a management report detailing all activity on your property in the last rental period.

Sample Landlord Statement Sample Management Report

Is my rental income protected?

By opting into ‘Rent Guarantee Insurance’ when your tenant moves into the property your rent will be secure against non-payment. If the tenant is unable to pay the rent due to illness, redundancy or any other reason, this insurance will kick in and pay all rent due to you along with any solicitor’s costs and court fees due in going through the eviction process to gain back possession of the property.

How do I get notified about any maintenance on my property?

Maintenance on a property, as you will know from your own home, can be the most time consuming and costly aspect of being a landlord. Whilst you have an obligation to ensure the property is compliant with regulations you don’t have to worry too much, as we have our own maintenance division! From the moment the tenant reports an issue, through to inspecting, quoting and carrying out the work you can rest assured we have your best interests at heart and will always strive to complete the work to a high, complying standard whilst understanding that you need it done at the best price.

Whether it is a Gas Certificate, electrical issue or fitting a new kitchen we work closely with local trade suppliers to ensure we have what we need on hand to get the job done.

How do you monitor the condition of my property?

We understand that your property is likely to be one of your most valuable assets, and it needs looking after! From opening inventories, interim inspections and check out reports we do all we can to ensure your tenant is treating the property right whilst making it their home! After all there is nothing better than a happy tenant.

What are my tax obligations?

As a Landlord, you have an obligation to declare all income you receive to HMRC. We can provide you at the end of the financial year with a financial summary free-of-charge to aid you in completing your self-assessment tax return.

As agents, we are not allowed to advise on tax, so we recommend that you seek the help of a professional accountant with your tax return. Detailed information on renting can be found on the government website by clicking here.